sexta-feira, 15 de outubro de 2010

Food for thought.

“Generally the future of mankind looks bright. Those who argue otherwise are being unnecessarily pessimistic.”

The world has become men’s little toy. Over the years, human evolution, war, revolutions and science have given men the power to discover, understand, and also control life. Bearing this in mind, people seem to be more spellbound than ever by greed and selfishness due to mankind achievements.
No one would disagree on how essential science is nowadays. Its discoveries led to the overuse of technology, which have been creating brand-new tools designed especially to ease our lives. Not only technology, but also economy has been increasing significantly, as a consequence of capitalism. But to keep on creating, building and developing, men need to have space and raw materials.
The desire for power and money make people exploit every single thing they can. Now we have the tools to extract from nature everything we need to make our selfish dreams come true and to show off our posh lifestyle. The results of this are deforestation, desertification, pollution (greenhouse effect and global warming) and risks of extinction as well.
Furthermore, places richer in natural resources suffer from direct conflicts, and poorer countries do not have the opportunity to take advantage of technological benefits. Men are killing men, while others suffer from hunger. Deforestation has influenced on climate, and pollution has brought several diseases. Even with science we are not able to avoid the consequences of what we are doing, because new species created by scientists, as well as us, tend to change in order to adapt. We cannot know what this means to human life.
It is clear that men are damaging their lives by damaging the environment. We depend on nature to survive, simply because nature provides us what we need. Different from us, ancient people used to be conscious of the importance of preserving.
People have gone mad. Men are grasping. So far it is hard to understand what kind of evolution is this. Destroying without wondering about the consequences is irresponsible, and it is too late to try to save our environment from our own selfishness. Nature has had enough, and it will not be surprising if it turns against us.

Meu texto para o inglês. A frase em itálico é a proposta.

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  1. Caralho, no início eu achei que você tinha pego de algum lugar esse texto, sério xD. Está escrevendo fodasticamente bem, congratz.

    Continue assim, isabella wella.

  2. Antes de ler que era um texto para o inglês, onde você tinha que seguir uma proposta, eu estava achando um téééédio. Mas no geral, gostei do vocabulário e está muito bem estruturado.
    Mas não deixa de ser um tédio, essa porcaria de tema está gasto. Alguém precisa vir com alguma coisa nova... :T
    E "food for thought" é cheat pra Starcraft, lol. Me chamou atenção por isso, também.

    Anyway, congratz. [2]

  3. Obrigada Pedrocas e Jota Gê! Tive mesmo que seguir a proposta, apesar do tema ser batido. Tenho me esforçado para melhorar...